Benefits of Membership

Benefit of Networking

NorCham network is a valuable source of new perspectives and ideas to benefit you and your company. It is an excellent place where you engage with new contacts and strengthen your relationship with them through different events. 

Enjoy Social Events

Attending Norcham's events will give you the benefit of being visible and getting noticed that can be essential for your career and your company.   

Such events as seminars, keynote speeches, and round table discussions on relevant topics will also provide a platform for learning more and sharing your knowledge. You can also enjoy dinners and traditional celebrations with your NorChams peers.  

Increase your exposure

We can help you increase your exposure through our biweekly newsletters, website, and social media channels by sharing your company's news and upcoming events with our community. 

Influence through lobbying

Norcham's close relationship with other Nordic Chambers in Hong Kong, as well as Norwegian government and business representation in Hong Kong, mainland China, and Asia, will help you to find new opportunities to lobby your agenda. 

Stay Informed

Gather new information and exchange best practice knowledge. Learn about the business of your peers and stay up-to-date on the latest industry developments. 

Be part of worldwide cooperation

Since NorCham is a member of EuroCham and InterCham, we provide our members with access to all events organized by these Chambers. Collaboration with other Nordic Chambers will also help you reach a wider audience and connect with the right people. 

Access deals & Discounts

Benefit from exclusive advantages and special discounts from our partners or share your company's latest deals with the community.