Business in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, with it’s unique location at the geographical center of Asia, combined with its established place as the primary gateway to China, makes it a major hub for trading and business. For businesses trading in Hong Kong/China/Asia, sourcing goods from China/Asia or exporting your goods or services across Asia, Hong Kong is the ideal place to have a presence.

Hong Kong’s long tradition in international trade, business law, anti-corruption practices and currently rate it as the third largest financial center in the world (after New York and London).  For most businesses, the open market, low taxes and attractive environment for employees makes Hong Kong the preferred to choice to build their gateway to the Asia market. In addition, the recently signed free trade agreement between Hong Kong and the EFTA countries means that Norwegian companies can avoid trade barriers when doing business with Hong Kong.

You business could start out through one of the many trade shows hosted in Hong Kong, doing business directly or through a local partner. Trading and Business through Hong Kong is the core interest of some of our members as well.

Useful companies that may be able to support Nordic / Hong Kong / Asia business include:

These are a few of the companies that can help build and support your business with Hong Kong, China and Asia.