Quarantine Hotel Finder

Travellers wishing to enter Hong Kong will be required to book a designated quarantine hotel for the duration specified by the government. To help with your search for hotels, please feel free to use this independent tool that tracks most designated hotels. The data is updated hourly, and scans availabilities up to 2 months in advance. 


Disclaimer: Please note that the quarantine hotel booking tool was created by an independent party and that neither the website or booking tool is associated with NorCham.  NorCham is publishing this information purely as a service to its members which should not be construed as an endorsement or advice. NorCham does not, in any way, provide a representation or warranty to the accuracy of the information provided, and NorCham does not accept any liability whatsoever for the use of this website. To verify that a reservation is still available, please check with the hotels through their website, email or by calling them directly.